Help with branched choice!

Hi there. So I’m new here and I wanted to start a story with a mattered choice.
I dont know if we actually can do this but i’ve tried and it sucks because i cant solve the problem i was strugling with lol :smile:
So i was about to do this kind of command
I made the 1st choice (which contain Choice A and Choice B)
And then let say the character choose choice A/B, i also made another choice in A and B which is C and D. But the C and D is affected by choice A/B (which is result in scene E or F)
Im sorry it seems so complicated. I dont even know if i made it clear i dont know how to explain it any better :frowning:
Can we actually do this kind of choice?
Because when i did, it keeps play 2 scene (the E and F scene)
Thanks in advance!!

You can do this by using the if/elif/else code.
See the tutorial below:

I mean I already use them. Do you wanna see my code or else? I’m stuck :sweat_smile:

Have you tried using gains? :grinning:

Remember to reset your gains.

Thank you!

I honestly tried everything lol but it solved now. Thank you anyway!!! :heart:

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