Help With Camera Coding

Someone can tell how to make the camera zoom on one character and then when you click on the screen the camera zooms to another zone to other character. And also what is the code for the camera zoom out from two character to other character?

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@zoom on 39 415 to 292% in 0
Hey Alle.
@zoom on 248 422 to 292% in 0
Hey Bethi!
@zoom on 39 415 to 292% in
Spill the tea!
@zoom on 248 422 to 292% in 0
Where to start!?

Heres an example…

They have a pretty good camera coding. For free ofc.

the easiest way is as @astrowolfgirl writes…because every speech bubble stops the scene till the tapp.

If you don’t want any text to be seen you can make it invisible by making the speech bubble to 0% size so the speech bubble will still be there but will be invisible.


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