Help with camera coding!

Hi there! I needed some guidance with camera coding. I have a scene where the MC is running and the camera has a close up of her face. But I can’t figure out how to have a close up and the camera is like following where she’s running. I want the backround to look like it’s sort of moving I guess? But when I preview it, it just has a close-up of her running and everything is still?? So does anyone know the code for that? I know there’s a code for it, because I’ve seen it in other stories. I just can’t figure it out for myself lol.

(Also, does anyone have a code for camera shaking? I have the MC sceaming, but I want the camera to shake at the same time)

-bubbles (:

Detailed IG post on it:

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Person might be using a moving background or upload the background as an overlay and have it move while they have the character running in one spot and the zoom is on their face.

Moving backgrounds (usually have LOOP written in them but not all):

Looping your own background:


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