Help with caption for story

Hello, So I have been trying to fix the caption on my story but it won’t let me change it on desktop either. Does anyone know a solution lol?

what do you mean exactly with it doesnt alow you to change it? Like you save it but it doesnt save or it doesnt even alow you to write it?

Did you save it?

Yeah like it doesn’t allow me to write it. But for the other episodes it does. It’s hard to explain

Here is another photo

Did you write the description here :

Hey, @Mel1011! So some days ago, I had the same problem. I couldnt change the caption. Yesterday, I realised that on the 1st chapter of your story you cant change the caption. Why? Because chapter 1 uses the description. Instead of a caption, there will appear your description. Or there will appear nothing, if you havent fill your story description. (This is only for the 1st chapter of your story)

you cant write it therefor the first chaper that is normal you have to write it in the story description as shown above.

I tried and it doesn’t show up :-:

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Have you tried updating again?

Did you save the changes? :thinking:

If you put the description of the story it’ll be the teaser of episode one and unfortunately you can’t see it in the app neither on the computer but, don’t worry it’s written. :blob_hearts:

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