Help with CC again

Hi, I need help with CC again…
What I am trying to do is is make it go to specific route once you are done with CC
I have one for:

  • Female\Male
  • Female/Female
  • Male\Male
  • Male\Female

I was using gains at the time because i was following a template and I needed help with why I wasn’t working.

the wonderful @lorenbethxox helped me with my code and it worked fine,
but then I saw this…

I went back into my code doing all the CC and yes it did not work cause I had to many gains…

now I am at a stand still because i dont know how to approach this. The only other option I am aware of is using the Point System but how would I even do that?

if anyone could help me I would be forever grateful!

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What I am trying to do is is make it go to specific route once you are done with CC

Are you just trying to direct the reader to the story after customizing the characters? I’m not sure exactly what you’re saying. If that’s the case though you can just use labels, ex. goto story with a matching label story where your first scene starts.

I am trying to make it go into the correct routes after CC
I am so sorry I am confusing…

No, it’s okay! Did what I said make sense or do you need to show me your script?

i have that but it doesnt always work out cause i have to many gains
I will skip over some of the other routes

heres my code

Are you getting any errors?

But also, are the if and elif commands followed by an else?

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no I’m not getting errors it says its fully right and it gives me the green bar.

But don’t worry my solution was fixed in a private message

❁ Thank you so much for trying ❁

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