Help with CC problem?

Help! I was using the profile avatar choice in the CC for my story, then I previewed it on the app and picked the profile avatar option. Later, I decided to cut out the profile avatar choice, but when I did the MC was still my profile avatar! Then I cut out the entire CC, but it was still my profile avatar! When my story is published and people read it, will it still be my profile avatar? And how do I get rid of the profile avatar since it’s very irritating to see someone other than the MC in the story.

I did this as a test yesterday but used the character avatar creater. I deleted it out the script but was still the same, unless the features are changed in the character creation section on the portal then there won’t be an issue for the readers. You’ll just have to reset your MC features by typing it if it’s bothering you. Have you tried resetting story progress on the app?

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Yeah, more than 5 times. I’ve also tried:
@CHARACTER changes X into X
But with all the features and no luck…

:thinking: have you tried using @MC goes to character avatar
You can try changing the features back that way.

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Yep. Still the same. I’ve actually tried that several times and when I reset story progress (after the visual avatar creator) and it goes back to my profile avatar. Strange :thinking:

:grimacing: very odd! Maybe submit a help ticket to episode. It’s more than likely another glitch :sweat:

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I will :+1: Thanks!

I’ve had a similar issue using the becomes command. Somehow, you have to revert it.

If you find a fix, let me know. :slight_smile:

However, I don’t think it should be your profile avatar. Hopefully, it should revert to you original. You could give it to a friend to test.

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I got it fixed, thanks for the concern :heart: