Help with Celebrity Writing Project

Hey guys. I’ve recently done research on three topics for my English paper, fame, celebrities and celebrity culture. These topics are very important can be controversial on this day and age. Especially to us teens and tweens in this generation. It affects us because that’s all we know! Celebrities and fame are topics that we like to talk about. We want to be a celebrity. Be famous. So I’ve been thinking about working on a major story idea that talks about the topics, celebrities, fame and celebrity culture. To do this, I wanted to write a story about a famous socail media star named Baby Ariel. Some of you may know her, while some of you don’t. I’ve asked Liz and Cass, the episode creators, to help me with this story idea. I would like to know if someone would like this topic, and would love to help me write this story. If you’re a fan of Baby Ariel, please contact me on my Instagram @brianam.stories. Thank you!

From Briana M.


If anyone is interested in this, please DM me on Instagram because I would really like for someone to work with me.

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