Help with changing a characters eye color in the story

So I don’t want to reveal too much of my plot but I’m about to start working on a story where the MC has one eye color at the beginning but about halfway through the first episode they have to change their eye color for the rest of the whole story. is there any way i can do this without overlays? i will probably make the MC customizable at the same point they have to change their eye color but for that i’d get rid of the option to change the eyes bc it has to be a specific color for plot purposes. im asking before i code anything because my plot so far wont work if i cant change their eye color.

at least if i cant do it myself, is there any way to force the reader to change the eyes to one specific color during customization? like put them in a loop until they click this one eye color? lol

You just make a cc with out eyecolour choice. and say they cant change that for plot purpose

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you just need to delete the options of changing the eye color

yes but say their eyes are brown at the beginning, then halfway through the episode they go to customization, and the only eye option is purple, but they dont choose to edit the eyes. is there any way to make sure the reader leaves customization with purple eyes?

you just do the eye changeing after or before. it does not hve to be a choice for it to change

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yes thats what i want to do! but im pretty much a beginner at coding and im not sure how to change eye color the way i want to? like if i go to edit the characters appearance and change the eyes to purple then they will be purple at the beginning of the story and i dont want that. i dont know the coding to make them change halfway through an episode and ive never seen a story do that so i wasnt even sure if it was possible. do you know what the coding would look like for that? im sorry if im being confusing

So that is your problem all you need to do is put this code in

for INK
@NAME changes eyesColor into Purple

for LL
@NAME changes eyesColor into Violet


ohh its that simple? thank you so much i was totally overthinking it lol

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happy to help.

also. I legit have a t-shirt on saying hold on I gotta overthink this.

but anyway. its hard to be new. I still need to look stuff up all the time. like the code, I could not remember it.but I know here to find the stuff I need. you learn that too.

You can always ask for help. and I promise no matter how stupid your questions is. someone has asked something more stupid

example someone asked how to go behind a door. on a picture. an ordinary picture.

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How do you change the eye color fast?