Help with changing char's Hairstyle

So practically the reader already customized the MC but later in episode 1 I want her hair and hair color to change. The hair color changed but I keep getting an error for the hair style.

Picture of coding

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I think it’s @CHARACTER changes hair into (Hair name)

Or do you mean a customization template?

maybe check the name of the style?

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the hair isnt layer wavy bob, it’s Layered Wavy Bob

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I did this but I kept getting the error ‘No Hair Called Layer Wavy Bob exits’

I don’t think there’s a style with that name…

You have called the hairstyle wrong.

The right hairstyle is this!
Layered Wavy Bob

Omg. I just realized I forgot the ‘ed’

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Thank you so much!


oh haha!

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You’re welcome!
I have made this mistake a lot. :sweat_smile:

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