Help with changing eye colour

In my story to have character customization, however I also need to change the eye colour ever so often on the characters to later change them back to that colour. Is there any what to do that?
So that if the player chose Deep Blue and I change it to Hazel for a scene, is there any way for me to change it back?

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You can create another character with the same name.
For ex. You can create a character and name it character1 in the script and make the display name the same as the customized character’s name. Then use @CHARACTER1 becomes @CHARACTER (Where CHARACTER1 is the new character you created and CHARACTER is the one customized by the reader )
After you type the above command, the same features customized in the original character will be seen in the new character1 you created.
Start using character1 in the script instead of the original and use @CHARACTER1 changes eyeColor into whatever color you need
That way when you change the eye color, it won’t affect the original character, but will only affect the duplicate you created.
Later on if you want to switch back to the original eye color after the seen is done, just go back to using the original character name again.
I feel like I confused you even more ahahha
I’m so sorry! If you have any questions I will explain if needed.


You can use the preview and unpreview command. That way, you don’t have to create another character for it.

To change the character’s eye color, you can use the preview command:
@/CHARACTER previews eyesColor Hazel

And if you want to switch it back, you use the unpreview command:
@/CHARACTER unpreviews eyesColor Hazel


Oh wow, this is actually way easier hahahah thank you for this! xx

You can check out the rest here! :blush:


Thank you for linking :blob_hearts:

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