Help with Char transition from stand to laying in bed

Hello episode community! I’m back with another struggle or nitpicking. My character is currently standing I want him to lay in bed. Is there a way for me to have a smooth transition of him laying in the bed? Or do I just have to deal with him laying in bed abruptly like a robot? Thanks guys any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated! :heart:

edit: Oh by the way it’s in limelight

You can make your character to walk near the bed and maybe sit first?

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I tried bringing him closer to the bed using spot directing but he doesn’t really walk to that spot. It’s more like he appears there and then lays down. :confused:

Here’s a pic of what I have on my script.

Maybe try to time the action?

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I forgot about the time adjustment. It worked! Thank you for your idea the transition looks much better. :grinning:

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