Help with character customizations?

Hi all. I have been wanting to do a kind of limited character customizations for readers and I’ve been using the templates provided for limelight like a very helpful commenter suggested. I selected the lime light gender for my gender and simple added the script template to my story It was so easy at first. But then I went through it deleting traits I didn’t want. I made sure to check for errors after every deletion and it was still error free. But then I took out the pink and purple color choices for hair, and this affected the red/orange colors following it for some reason. And only those one. I have tried doing it over three times already but now I am getting an error saying that none of the colors for red and orange hair colors exist when I know for a fact they’re correct since I took it directly from the template. All the lines starting with “go to” are getting warnings. And ideas why this is happening?

Red and orange hair colors.

“Orange” {
@CHARACTER changes hairColor into Orange
goto hairDye_Red_1
} “Red” {
@CHARACTER changes hairColor into Red
goto hairDye_Red_1
} “Copper Red” {
@CHARACTER changes hairColor into Copper Red
goto hairDye_Red_1
} “Ginger Red” {
@CHARACTER changes hairColor into Ginger Red
goto hairDye_Red_1
}“Different Colors”{
goto fem_haircolor_1
}“Done” {
goto female_custom_1

She can help you: Limited CC Templates & Workshop!

Actually, I didn’t want to wait for a reply template from her so I just ran through it line by line until it worked. But thanks for your answer! :slightly_smiling_face: