Help With Character Who is a POC

I have a character in my story (who will show up fairly regularly) who is a POC (if you don’t like that term being used please correct me and educate me!). I’m white, so I have absolutely no business writing about her. I’d like an author or creator to help me with her. I’d give you credit every episode she is in for helping me. Thanks in advance!

This is Asena, she is the LI’s mother in my story, he is mixed.


What’s her ethnicity… specifically?
Haitian, African American, etc? Where she grew up will help contribute to what her culture is like.

Where is she from exactly?


Yes, that’s I’m wondering too.


Hi! I was thinking that her parents are Nigerian immigrants, so she would be Nigerian but born in the US (specifically New York).


Hey (:

Okay, so she wouldn’t have an accent, she was born in the US. Gotcha,
So, you say she will show up regularly in the story. Can you give some examples of how she’s included in the story? Just for me to understand more about who she is.


Ah, she’s Nigerian American.


I don’t think she would have an accent, but she would be able to speak Igbo, but since I believe it is Hausa that is mostly spoken in Nigeria it would probably be easier to find someone who speaks it to help me with translations.

She’s introduced in the second episode, she is the principle of a school in Brooklyn with mostly disadvantaged youths. She’s married to the CEO of a media company. She’s basically the rock for the LI (her son) and becomes someone my MC cares and talks to a lot. She’s super caring and compassionate, and keeps everyone she knows in line. Basically a mother figure for everyone she meets, especially my MC whose mother has died. The LI visits her a lot for advice and to spend time with her. She also helps the LI with his business since he also runs a media company like his father (her husband).


Hello! I wanted to give you some tips and basic things since I am a Nigerian-American myself lol.

The main tribes in Nigeria are Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba and typically I meet more Yoruba people in the US. Also, the main language spoken in Nigeria is english This is something a lot of people tend to forget, so her parents should probably be fluent in English since most educated Nigerians are. She doesn’t have to speak her tribal language, especially if she grew up in the US, but if she can then theres no problem with that.

Most Nigerian immigrants tend to hang with other Nigerian immigrants, but are still friendly with people from other cultures. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I’ll gladly help <3


I may have an idea, in whichever language you choose she speaks, you should learn some proverbs.
Because the MC goes to her for advice, she may reply wisely (as you say she’s compassionate) with something along the lines:

“My parents taught me that Nigerian proverb here…”

“In language, we have a saying about love… It goes… It translates to…”

It’s just an idea. Some things you can do if writing someone with a cultural background is what you’re going for. In the end, what you’re trying to do is share the culture and represent what you love about it. It’s not exactly about her racial blood.

Write her like you would any character, which is is the ground of it.

She’s kind? Make her kind. She’s strict? Make her strict.

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Thank you so much! Do you have an instagram I could message you at or can I message you here?

Oh yeah, the main language is English in Nigeria.

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My episode instagram account is @Astrid_createss feel free to message me.

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