Help with choice coding error ! :(

so basically im writing my first episode story, and as i make a choice, in the second option, it randomly gives me an error that says “there is a { on line 391 that does not have a matching }” and i dont understand? i look around and i dont find any mistakes, this doesnt usually happen during my choices, im new to writing a story using codes and stuff so if u have a solution id like to know ! thank you <3

where is the choice supposed to end? is there an } later on in the script than you posted?

i still havent posted it, but this choice’s dialog hasnt ended, when the reader chooses that choice, it leads to other choices, after those additional choices i added a }. but it still didnt work, i wonder if im doing the coding wrong for the choice in a choice option? i can show u if you’d like !

if you’re adding a choice within a choice youll need two } at the end, for each choice

that worked ! thank you so much :)) i probably seemed stupid HAHAHHA but thank you !!

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No! I’ve forgotten that so many times lol

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