Help with choice coding!

Hi Episodians!
I was wondering if someone can help me with some choices coding.
Without giving too much away, I would like to end one of the episodes in a few different ways, a couple of which include removing a character. So, the next chapter, if chosen, this particular character wouldn’t be there. Or the love interest is a different person, for example. It seems like I would need more than ifs and go_to’s. Is this the only way to do this?
Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

guides from @Dara.Amarie

There’s probably multiple ways to do this. What you could do, is use character points. That way you can have as many characters as needed under the same condition.

@/CHAR = 0

Who do you like the least
“LI1” {
@/CHAR = 1
} “LI2” {
@/CHAR = 2
} “LI3” {
@/CHAR = 3

Next Chapter:
if (@/CHAR = 1) {
Don’t use LI1
} if (@/CHAR = 2) {
Don’t use LI2
} else }
Don’t use LI3

Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!!

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