Help with choices please!

My issue is I want to give readers an option to change from a tappable overlay mini-game to a default choices version.
BUT the readers should only be able to choose each option once AND after choosing two options they’d be able to leave the game.
But I can’t seems to find a way on how to do that.

My first option was layering the choices continuously in every option of the choice, works generally but I can’t create the necessary labels for the option when the reader wants to end the game. (There’s a question if they’re sure they want to leave if they’d say ‘No’ I’d need the label). I can’t use this idea.

Does someone have a different idea?

You could use conditioned choices and the point system?

It’d look something like this…

label menu
Text here.
"Option 1" if ([NOT option_1]){
gain option_1
#Branching here
goto menu
}"Option 2" if ([NOT option_2]){
gain option_2
#Branching here
goto menu
}"Option 3" if ([NOT option_3]){
gain option_3
#Branching here
goto menu
}"Done" if (OPTION>1){

#Continue here

And you could use as many options as you’d like, you’d just format them like the options above. You’d also need to make a character for the points here. This ensures that the readers must pick at least two options before continuing (done won’t even show up until they have done so), and that the options disappear after they’re done. Let me know if you’ve got any questions or issues :slight_smile:

Thank you, I didn’t know there are conditioned choices. I can that idea, unfortunately not the one with the gains (I would have a total of 20 gains then and I’m afraid errors could come up that way).
But I think I found a solution with the conditioned choices.
Thank you for your help.

There’s no limit to gain amounts that you can have. Gains would not cause errors here.

Yes, but there would be five gains, in four different storylines, which have to be independent of each other. If somehow one mistake happens the complete episode wouldn’t make sense anymore.
I can’t take that risk, I’m rather using a point system for both (resetting at the beginning), the already taken choices, and (like in my tappable overlay version) one for the number of chosen options to leave.

It works that way, so I have my solution.
Thanks again

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