Help with choosing cover!


So this one special person made a cover with numerous backgrounds
And they are all good so I can’t choose one! Can someone choose the best cover with the best background? The characters’ poses are same btw


Which one has the best background?


OH MA GAWDjfnrfei



I like the first one btw.


The first one, or the second one. :heart: It’s because the backgrounds are more empty so it doesn’t distract the reader from the sole purpose. :heart:


DAMN THOUGH. The artist has some serious talent!


Tbh i really like the first one :))


Thank you for replying :smiley: but I didn’t make this. Some special person did


Thank you :smiley:


haha she sure has :slight_smile:


I’ll go with the first one :slight_smile:


I love 2!


I love the first one! The editor is so talented!! :heart_eyes::scream:


Definitely the first one :grin:

Btw great art. Idk who did it but wow


The first one


love them all, but i love the first the most!


The first one!


Second one


Definitely the 2nd one


These are actually really pretty edits! :heart_eyes:
I kind of like the second the best. It’s so hard to choose they are all great! :laughing:


i like the second one and first. and omg the art :heart_eyes: