Help with choosing/creating a name for my story?


Sorry if this is in the wrong category.

I have just started the works of writing a story. I was browsing [this forum thread] (🌻 Story Title Shop 🌻) for title ideas. I was looking at titles to see if I could use that as inspiration for a story. I found the title “When the Lights Go Out” and used it as inspiration to start writing a story. But as I was starting to write the story, I was thinking that the title might not fit the story I am writing. The story that I am planning is about a famous movie star who is falsely accused of cheating with her long-time boyfriend by someone editing fake pictures of her being with another celebrity and gets broken up with, and her career is also ruined. The story will be about the MC hiring a private investigator to find out who leaked the photos, how they did so, and the reason why. The player will play as the movie star most of the time but will also play as the private investigator to find clues and mini games to figure out who the culprit is part of the time. There will also be two love interests the MC will be able to choose (or choose not to) date throughout the story. The celebrity is going to be the star in a tv show (that I’m still trying to find a theme/title for). The tv show theme would be zombies or superheroes. The theme is drama/mystery/romance. I was thinking of the title “When the Lights Go Out” because the main character’s career in Hollywood is ruined, the “lights” aka her career is ruined or “goes out”.

Here is the official summary for the story:
When famed actress Avery Jackson is falsely accused of cheating, her whole life turns upside down. Will she ever recover? And will she ever find the culprit?

What should I name the story? Should I name it as the tv show’s title? Thanks!


I think that title fits perfectly!

Hi, I’m not a specialist in names (As you can see from the name of my profile) but I think the name to adapt would be a name that matches the real stakes of the story. The story is not about how the star had a career ruined. It’s about how the star and the detective try to find the culprit. But then it’s you who sees :wink:

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