Help with choosing outfits 2 or 3 times in the same Chapter

Can someone please help me with the choosing outfits choices 2 or 3 times in the same Chapter?? I can only give one chance to one chapter… Why?? Why can’t I give this chance more in the same chapter?? Please help me out with this. :pensive::pensive:

When i write label choosing outfit one time, then when I want to give choices and again write label choosing outfit, it shows duplicate label choosing outfits and then the same dress appears over and again. :pensive::pensive:

You do something like:
label dressing_game_2
goto dressing_game_2

You just have to change the words up a little bit. This is Dara’s dressing game btw. So give her credit if you use it.

label dressing_game_1

What do I want to wear?

choice (OUTFIT_1)
“Outfit 1” {
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit1
#insert script here

} “Outfit 2” {
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit2
#insert script here

} “Outfit 3” {
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit3
#insert script here

Do I want to wear this one?

“It’s perfect!” {
#insert script here

} “No, I want to try on the others!” {
goto dressing_game_1

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I’ll give Dara credit after using it??

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What can i write to credit her! Can you say please?

Just add it in the reader message.
readerMessage Follow @dara.amarie.ep on Instagram! with messageTitle Dressing Game Template Credit
Something like that.

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Ok… Thnx btw

Can also find script templates here:


Also, check out this on gotos and labels: Tara explains: Ifs, elses, gains, labels, gotos and the points system!

From that thread:


Thnx a lot

NP :heart:

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