Help with codes

Oh and how would be the command to make the character exit too? i want like a smooth pass through all the zones and the exit to the right.

Well I’m new here. I find it easier to ask you then go through all the tutorials.

Can’t remember everything at once though :slight_smile:

Um… do you know what is spot directing?

Or simple directing like

@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center

are you familiar with this?

yeah just didn’t know how to make a smooth one through all the zones. But there are nice ppl like Naomi who didn’t judge me on how much knowledge I have about this and just answered my quest :slight_smile: As I said, faster to ask here. If you are here to judge me then no need to answer my quest.

I am not judging you I am only trying to understand how much you know to so I know how much detail I have to explain how to do it with spot directing and pan :joy:

shoot. sorry then :sweat_smile: I am kinda pissed because of another situation and read your answer in a different tone. So sorryy. Should not judge someone lol. I am such a hypocrite

No problem.

In the simple directing you can have it like this

@MARBEL enters from left to screen center
&MARBEL walks to screen center in zone 3
&follow MARBEL to screen center in zone 3
&MARBEL walks to screen center in zone 3
@follow MARBEL to screen center in zone 3
@MARBEL exits right

just replace MARBEL with the name of your character …it will not be smooth only in case the reader taps slowly or you will have lot thoughts - then it will stop in zone 3 till the reader will go through all the thoughts.

please test it if it is what you wanted

If you will have there a lot of text it might be better to use looping background…

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Thank youuu sooo much! It worked ! Sorry again for judging you.

no problem.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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to make the camera follow the character

Ho do i go about receiving and giving cheek kisses?

I guess just place the characters next to each other with the Directing Helper and choose the right animation. Do you know how to code that?

not really i just started writing a couple days ago. I have been watching Joseph Evans tutorials on you tube for almost everything, just haven’t found cheek kissing

I have a question if I want to make the girls leg bend to his hip when they are kissing… Do I have to do a layer or is there a code for it?

Nope. You need to make the leg an overlay-

Then you can animate it-

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Do you think you can help the overlay in ???

the cheek kiss is the same principal as any other kiss just use the requiered animation.:wink:

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