Help with coding choices

Can someone help me,
the choice names are in red! (Get upset and attempt to stay calm.

“Get upset.” {

    FEI (talk_accuse_angry)
We've been over this!

@KAI is react_startled_subtle

    FEI (talk_accuse_angry)
Living in the Oasis is NOT my priority!
You are my priority.

    FEI (talk_angry)
If I get accepted, I'll have to leave you to take the exam!
I am NOT going to leave you.

    FEI (talk_accuse_angry)
Not like Mum did us!

“Attempt to stay calm” {

FEI (talk_exhausted)
Kai, c’mon.
We’ve been over this a million times.

I thought they’re supposed to be in red.

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they are. @VeronicaWrites Make sure you have a closing bracket at the end.

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They do xx

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Thank you x

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Oasis… Ready Player One related or coincidence?


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