Help with coding/directing

does anyone know how to make a side character sit in the background while other characters on on the screen. also how to save overlays

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To have a character in the background, you will need to input them into the scene the same way you would the main character. Assign them an animation, and then put them on a layer using “&CHARACTER1 moves to layer X”. Here’s an example from my story:

I have the blond guy (MEDIUM MALE) sitting in front at layer 39, and a bunch of extras sitting in the background at various layers all under 38. You can assign layers manually just by counting down (ie. If your main character is at layer 10, put an extra at layer 9), or use the buttons on the side of the previewer that says “Backward Layer -1”.

To save an overlay, just save your picture, go to “Art Catalogue”, then to “Overlays”, then “Overlays uploaded to my account”, and upload it!

can i do this through portal or the app

The portal, everything coding related needs to be done through the portal. The only coding-related thing you can do on the app is previewing.

this so hard, ive never done this before this is my first time writing a story and im already frustrated :pensive: :tired_face: :rage:

It’s very frustrating when you start, can I help you with anything specific? I’m happy to answer any questions and help however I can

well how do put a side character in the scene i did it before but i dont know how to get it back :sweat_smile:

also is it possible to have two overlays in one scene?

A side character? So a background character, or one who is interacting with your main character?

Yes, you can have as many overlays as you want! In that screenshot I posted a couple messages ago, I think there’s like 15 overlays to create the booths and layering.

one who is interacting with my main character, can tell you how i set up the scene?
( also thanks for replying i really needed help :smile: )

You’re welcome!

You would place them on screen the same way you would with your main character. The easiest way to place them would be something like:

@CHAR1 stands screen left AND CHAR1 faces right
@CHAR2 stands screen right AND CHAR2 faces left

And then from there you can use spot directing to make little changes!