Help with coding. I'm new!

Hello guys. Well, I’m a little bit in trouble with this coding on Episode Interactive, so I don’t get it well. If someone can help me… I will be very pleasant!
It’s about:
I make 2 choice. And I tap on first choice, but I want to go back in choice text (or whatever that have name). I still doesn’t have any experienced with that. So if someone can help me?
Thank you.Thanks!

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Use of labels & gotos -
For going back to main menu of choices , you have to use the command label just before the code for choices.
Then completing the scene for respective choice , add command goto , this will lead the readers back to the main choice menu.
label MENU
What should I choose?
“1st choice” {
#scene for 1st choice
goto MENU
} “2nd choice” {
#scene for 2nd choice
goto MENU
Check out the following thread for more insight on labels and gotos


Tara explains: Ifs, elses, gains, labels, gotos and the points system!

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