Help with coding:outfit addition

In my story, I want to have the readers to have the option to wear glasses or not to wear glasses. I need help with coding for this option and this is what I have so far.


Put ā€œ at the end of Nope I made the wrong choice

I forgot to put this before but this is the error message that I keep getting.

your braket turns the wrong way on line 148

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Yeah, wrong bracket

also you two brakets on line 161

I am asuming there arent a second choice I cant see if there is. its the label there is wrong because you cant have label inside a choice

Also, you canā€™t just add the glasses to your character. You have to make a new outfit with the glasses part of the outfit and change them into that outfit.

I see well so much for that idea. Thanks a bunch. :sweat_smile:

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