Help With Coding (Please I'm Useless)

Hey, I’m lowkey useless so can someone good at this tell me what’s wrong.

    CARMEN (think_rubchin)
(Who should I ask?)

“The girl in the floral dress”{
goto Alex
} “The girl in the red jacket”{

goto Amani
} “The guy in the ripped jeans”{

goto Seth

label Seth
SETH (talk_neutral)
Blah Blah.

label Amani
AMANI (talk_neutral)
Blah Blah.

label Alex
ALEX (talk_neutral)
Blah Blah.

You need to do:

label Seth
SETH (talk_neutral)
Blah blah

goto aftertalk

do this for all the others

aftertalk can be changed to whatever label you want

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Thank you

Welcome :hugs:

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