Help with coding please :)

Hey lovelies!

Does anyone know how to script… When the narrator box pops up at the top of the screen.

And also how to change character in the same spot as one character or have the character change eye colour. Cause im writing a werewolf story and I want the wolf to b in control if you know what I mean?

Help would be really great! Thanks!


The narrator box at the top of the screen is reader Message.
readerMessage bleh bleh bleh with messageTitle bleh bleh
To change eyecolor:
@charactername previews eyecolor (colorname)
To change back:
@charactername unpreviews (original color name)

Do you want to change the character just for eye color? Or replace with another character?

Hey, are you talking about the temporary box? If yes, it’s the readerMessage
You have to write “readerMessage [Your message]” in your script.
If you want to change eyescolor in your story you have to write "@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into [COLOR]. (Using the color name by epiode in the character section.
I don’t know if I’m clear enough :sweat_smile:
And I’m not sure to understand the same sport thing…
I hope it helps you :upside_down_face:

yes thank you i understand. tysm for your help <3

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I might just be really stupid but this is what I put…

@readerMessage [Zack is Zain’s wolf.]

And it says its invalied.

my peabrain might not be doing right lol.

the same with this one… :sweat_smile:

@ZAIN changes eyescolour into ice blue

I think im doing it wrong lol

Hi, there. It should be readerMessage Zack is Zain’s Wolf.

@ZAIN changes eyeColor into Ice Blue

Another Thing

If you have changed color in the “create character” it will stay so forever and it will change also in all already published chapters …so the new reader will see him from chapter 1 with the new eye color

If you have changed it by command
@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into eyecolorname

it will again change forever but after this command - so if this command is in chapter 6 in chapters 1-5 he will have the old color and from 6 he will have new color- However!! preview if you know resets to default setting so in this case if you will preview chapter 7 you might see him with the old color.but this is only previewed in the app you will see there the new color

if you have used command

@CHARACTER previews eyeColor colorname
it will stay only till the end of the chapter and in the new chapter, he will have the old color .

Creidt to: @Farah_DeSantis


thank you :blob_hearts:

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It still says it’s an invalid directing code :pensive:

Then I am not so sure, sorry :sweat_smile:

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Ok thank you for your help anyway :partying_face::partying_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It should be eyesColor


Ok ill try it thank you :sparkling_heart:

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