Help with coding pls

ok so i did a character smaller and when she enters the scene shes coming from up to the groung, what did i do wrong?
@YOUNG EMMA enters from right to screen right AND YOUNG EMMA spot 0.802 273 163

@YOUNG EMMA walks to spot x y z

-in which case you would firstly put Young Emma off screen then use this command.

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Spot your character offscreen with the size you want them to be at, then make them walk somewhere onscreen. Don’t use the “enters” command because that uses the default scale size

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hi, another help
YOUNG EMMA (talk_think_neutral)
it doesn’t work and the code is grey when i type this,
whats wrong with this?

Can you post a screenshot?

Delete line 112. The dialogue needs to be on the very next line.

thank you sm

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