Help with Complex Choices

So, I’m trying to create a choice in which the player has the option to go back to a previous scene and pick something else, or to continue with the story, and I can’t figure out how to make the code work. I keep getting the error message, “expected character or scene change, found {“No, continue with the story”} instead…”

Below is my code, the bit with the error message starts with the “No, continue with the story” choice. Can someone tell me what I did wrong? Thanks!

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"Yes, take me back"{

goto the_autismchoice


“No, continue with the story” {

goto the_storycontinue


label the_storycontinue

The next choice option needs to be right after the ending bracket of the previous option, or on the very next line.

It looks like you have this:


"No, continue with the story" {

But you can’t skip a whole line between the two. It needs to look like this:

} "No, continue with the story" {

or this:

"No, continue with the story" {

It worked! Thank you!