Help with compressing image!


So this is my large cover for my story and its size is currently 1.2MB
But the size of the large cover must be under 1.0MB and I can’t compress the image whatever I try? Can someone help me compress this image without LOSING QUALITY?


Idk how but can I just say that I luv the cover?


Hahahah thank you :smiley: It was made by an episode editor in Instagram



Hmm…Is this one okay? :thinking:

Its reduced to 301 KB (I think so :sweat_smile:).


Can we compress this into 200 KB or 100 KB? Still can’t fit in the large cover because it’s 1.1MB.


Okay, let me try…



Thank you so much :smiley:
It worked! Can I ask you what you used to compress this?