Help with copyright overlay

does anyone have a car overlay similar to this one (with the angle)? It wasn’t approved and I really need something similar to it.

You can check flower griefer topic for it … i think i saw something like this the other day

do you have the link to their drive? i can only find the thread

No i don’t have link

Hi here it is

thank you so much!

I have these images you can create png out of them if you are still looking.

these are great! thank you :blob_hearts:

I’m assuming it wasn’t approved because of the label on the car.

the one in the front? if i blur it will it work?

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I think so. Anything with a visible label will not be accepted by episode. So maybe use some shading to sort of make it disappear.

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Makes sense. Thank you, I’m gonna try it now!

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No problem! Let me know if it accepts it.

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