Help with cover art. Please


I need help with my cover art. If there is anyone that can help please let me know.


I might be able to help. :slight_smile:


Ok thanks what info do u need me to send u


What exactly do you need help with? You do need help creating a cover, resizing something, uploading it, or something else?


I need help creating the cover


I can send u screenshots of the characters if u beed?


Yeah, that would be great.


Also what background and text do you want on it?


Here are the screenshots.
Can the background be somewhere at school

Can the text say high school secrets because it is the name.
I will also give you credit in my story




You can play around with the outfits


Ok, do you want me to do a large or small cover?
Also, do you want to see their full bodies, half, or just their heads?


I’ll use it for both and I want most of the body


Ok, sounds good. :slight_smile: I’ll start working on it.


Thanks alot


You’re characters are super cute btw.


Thanks lol


I finished the covers. :slight_smile: Sorry it took awhile, I had to do a few other things.

Small Cover

Large Cover

I made two cause y not. lol
If there’s anything you want me to change, just ask.


hey , I know this I completely off topic so please don’t report me but what do you use to make the covers as I’m really struggling to find good FREE apps :smiley: