Help with Cover Art please!


I would love for someone to help me with some cover art
here are the main characters

If anyone could do this it would be muchly appreciated!!
I just need two thank you so much!


I could help


You could!! thank you so much!


Sure! Any details I should know before i start such as background and texts and placement


No I don’t think so, just put your @name so people know i didn’t make it :joy:


Ok so a plain background is fine? Also what’s the story called?


Is it ok if the background is just idk anything is fine but, just not a plain background
Bad girl in Hollywood
Sorry for being so difficult


Don’t worry your not being difficult. I’ll start now


Thank you so much :heart:


What do u think


oh my gosh that is perfect!! thank you so much!


Your welcome! Glad u like it