Help with cover please

I need help with the covers, I don’t have a photoshop software, and Even if i did i’m horrible at editing. I’ll be sure to credit you. Thanks whoever can help, :heart:

Maybe @elisabethstarrr can help you.

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Ohhh thanks for the tag! Ican

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Thanks Last time I did this I had two different groups and still haven’t gotten my cover which was 2 years ago so my story has been on hold for 2 years. How should I contact you?

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From here, just tell me the tittle send me a pic of the characters and any specific detail of how you want it to be and also the genre

Character 1

Character 2

This story is a Romance story and the title is All The Way From Here
I would like it to be realistic but if you aren’t able to do that I understand, I would like them to be close to each other and sorta hugging but his arm is around her waist.
Thank you :grin:

I’ll try my best. If it takes some more time a little more it’s cause I have some artpieces to finish is that okay?

Yeah thats fine

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So after a LOT of work 2 and a half days at least! I have your work ready!

Small Cover:


Big Cover :

So what do you think? Is it what you wanted? Do you want me to change anything? Is it good? :blush:

No its amazing! Thank you so much!

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No problem :slight_smile: