Help with cover pls

Hey! I was wondering if someone can help out and make me a cover for my new story called messy me! Message me on insta @bree_xo.03

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Is it ink?


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I can show u some of my examples

Ooooo pls do! You can send them here or to my insta @bree_xo.03

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Bottom is more recent

I love them!!

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Thank you! :joy:


Would you like me to do the request?

Hey, I would gladly make u a cover too


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Okay! Can you give me the details please? :heart:

Just got home from school. Let me grab my laptop.


Upturned bold black eyes
Full round Bordeaux
Elven nose
Seductive arch eyebrows
Mint colored fishtail braid
Caramel skin

Title: Messy Me

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Thank you! :heart: