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Hello everyone, I am determined to finish this story that I’m currently working on. But I have some plot holes and would love to somehow have someone help me create some good twists and cliffhangers (credit will 100% be given at the end and beginning of each episode.) But if you’re interested in helping a girl out that would be amazing. Here’s the description: You have many of the abilities of a Disney princess. You can Talk to animals, people burst into song around you, and it seems every other day a Prince Charming type falls madly in love with you. As one of the most feared mafia enforcers in New York, it’s tough, but you make it work. Also does everyone here prewrite their stories? Like episode suggest like a full script before coding it?
~Nikki D.

I don’t, but I have an idea in my head. Otherwise I just wing it

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Interesting description, and I can try to help with that. I’ve critizied almost every single movie I’ve watched about their plot holes and lack of twists and turns. So maybe I can use what I know to help you create an even better story.

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That would be so extremely helpful thank you!!!

Of course. I’l be back later.

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