Help with creating a story

Sorry if my english is bad but i hope you understans my issue, I dont understand how all stories have emotions,actions,zooming,clothing and backgrounds that I can not find??? I don’t know how to upload my own backgrounds either. It does not look the same as I see printscreens here from others and I have the låter update?

You are making your story on Mobile Creation, the others you see are made on the Writers Portal. :slight_smile:

What is that?? An app or how do I get there? Can I keep writing the same story as in the mobile creation i
or do I have to start all over?

You can continue writing it. It’s online.

  1. Follow this link:
  2. Click ‘Create a Story’.
  3. Then press ‘Sign in with Google’.
    It’ll bring you to all your stories once you’ve signed in.
  4. Find the story you’re working on.
  5. Press ‘Continue episode [number].
  6. Then code.

NOTE: Writers Portal uses coding and is harder for some people than Mobile Creation.

Hope this helps. PM if you have any questions about the coding. :wink:


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