Help with creating a trailer for my new story

Hiya!! I’m looking for someone who can create me a video/trailer of my new story?
I’m gonna try and use it as a sneak peek…full credit will be given

hey !! i can possibly help :))

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What can you do and what would you need? As I don’t really know how they work lol

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if you want a cinematic trailer with videos and stuff, id need screen recordings of intriguing parts of ur story. if you just want a quick teaser i would just need a screenshot of your fav scene from your story :)) check out my insta account for an example of a teaser @storiesbymyra :))

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Ooooooh ok then bear with me a few minutes. I’d love a cinematic trailer but I’ll take a look…
Can you add your own music?

Also does it have to be clips from 3 chapters as I’ve only got the 2 written up so far

yes i can add any music you’d like !! and it can be whichever clips you pick, it doesn’t matter how many chapters you have :))

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