Help with custom background

So I’m new to all this background making and I currently use gimp and I’m trying to make a fantasy kind of like background and I’m easily confused. Is there a way to get rid of the chair that’s overlapping the cabin? I’ve been figuring out how but no luck. :pleading_face:


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Would you like me to cut the cabin out for you?

I would just copy a chunk from the other side, flip and paste it over the chair. :tulip:

Yes please!

Yeah I can’t seem to find a copy or clone tool on Gimp.

Okay so you can use one of the selection tools like the rectangle or the free select on the area you want to copy. Under the heading ‘edit’ select the option to ‘copy visible’ and then use one of the selection tools in the area you want to paste and use ‘paste into’ option under ‘edit’. You can move the new layer to where you want within the selected area and click to anchor the ‘floating section’. :tulip:

Hm! I might try your idea!

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Cool! :+1: :tulip:

Message me if you need any help editing this background :kissing_heart: