Help with custom backgrounds!



Hi again :)) I need three custom backs for my story, but I don’t know where to get them. Any suggestions?


Check my google Drive I make some more


You can get them from google .


Thanks for suggesting, but I’m looking for a request thread or someone who can make them because they’re pretty specific!


Okay hit me the details


I just realized that I need wayyyy more than three sooo if thats ok I listed them all.

  • a restaurant called the Crimson Crab (night and day + INT and EXT)
  • 2 rows of seats in a basketball stadium (and a row overlay)
  • A restaurant called Pizza House (night and day + INT and EXT)
  • A hair and makeup Salon called “Ari’s Angels” (night and day + INT and EXT)


Woah. Can you give me an hour


Yeah, Totally! Just whenever you finish I’m good with it.




Which do you prefer Adobe_20181014_173020 1539552680351


Can you add backs of chairs and a reception desk?