Help with deciding

If y’all can please help me out with my story dilemma and questions… If you can answer all of them I’d appreciate it!
All the questions are in bold, some are polls and some are short answer questions

1. Which of the following would you most want to read?
(Explanation of the story genre ideas below)

  • a UNIQUE love story
  • an F.B.I./Detective story

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  • The unique love story wouldn’t be like 97.99999% of the stories on Episode Interactive. I already know the plot and I have been putting INTENSIVE details into it, such as the ability for your character to wear glasses and some pretty damn good directing, if I say so myself
  • The F.B.I./detective story would be filled with choices critical to how and who the story effects, life or death situations, and possibly (I’m still debating) entwining a love story into it

2. Which features are most important to you? (pick up to 3 choices)

  • Ability to wear glasses
  • Character customization (main and sub characters)
  • Personal name choice
  • LGBTQ+ support
  • Advanced/well done directing
  • Ability to have freckles (strange but it’s not a bad idea)
  • Gender choice

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3. What about a story throws you off?
Please answer! Whether it be few or a lot of details, fill me in!

4. Does cursing, whether it be light or intense, ruin a good story line?

If there’s any other advice you have I’d greatly appreciate it! Thank you for the help :blob_hearts:

Uhhh :flushed: There’s no real one thing that throws me off. It kind of depends on my mood because sometimes I can enjoy one thing that the following day I can’t :sweat_smile:


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Culture misrepresentation, lazy background characters (not changing their clothes from default, using starting actors as bg characters, eye/lip color that doesn’t match their skin), dragging dialogue.

Depending on the theme, it makes the story more appealing ^^ though overly using them is also annoying.


[quote=“abygail.bauman, post:1, topic:339778”]
3. What about a story throws you off?[/quote]
cliche characters (the crazy best friend with no character development, mean girl with no character development, etc.), a bunch of grammar mistakes, over-done dialogue (idk if that makes sense, but too many jokes, characters saying stuff that no real person says, etc.?)

4. Does cursing, whether it be light or intense, ruin a good story line?
I don’t care, as long as it seems realistic :slightly_smiling_face: