Help with deleting multiple names with one click


Can anyone please help me with this? I am using Dara Amarie’s template for the updated Limelight Female Customization. How can I select @FEMALEAVATAR and replace it for every single @FEMALEAVATAR in the script, instead of having to do it manually.

Usually, the Random Character Generator would pop up and allow me to swap @FEMALEAVATAR with the MC’s script name. But it isn’t doing that! Please help! I feel like I’m missing something very simple laugh out loud

Try highlighting the name and doing. control F

I could be wrong because i use Mac

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Im so not tech savvy, I literally had to look up how to take a screenshot :melting_face:

Im using mac too but command f worked for me, tysm :yellow_heart:

WAIT NO IT DIDNT, it helped me find the way to like, search up words. Control f didnt do anything for mine

WAIT YES IT DID THANKS you very much


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LOL np for mac its command option F

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when using ctrl f on mac

when using command option F

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It was literally on the same page as the template, Im so slow :sob: thank you


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