Help with dialogue?

So … do the forums have any, like, official help thread for dialogue? I like to think my English is very good, despite it not being my mother tongue, but I still sometimes need help with the colloquial stuff and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Episode is a platform where replies come in fairly quickly and from all over the world, so we can also ask for help with dialogue if we want our characters to be from specific places.

So … should I start a topic like this, if one does not already exist? (which, by the way, I looked long and hard for but couldn’t find)


I would ask for a co-writer or a beta-reader both of those could work and you would get people who are good at both coding and editing :blush:

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Hmm, ok. Beta reader sounds like the safest bet :grin:
The jury’s still out, though. I want to see whether or not people would actually like something like this :thinking:

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