Help with different outcomes when comparing points between two characters

So I have two LIs and one of them will be introduced later in the story, so the first one will already have more points accumulated. Let’s say LI 1 has 20 points in total, and LI 2 has 5. If the reader has all 5 points with LI 2 and only like 8 with LI 1, will she still go with LI 1 if I do the if/elif/else coding for points?

My biggest concern is how does it work? Because if one LI already has 10 points and the other has only 5, automatically the if/elif/else system would choose the LI with 10 points because that’s the one with the most points, right? Even if the reader chose more romantic options with the second LI because he only appeared later… Can anyone offer some insight about that? Should I just add more points to LI 2 to even the points?

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I’d say make both the total points equal for easier branching. (That is, give LI 2 more opportunities to learn points with.)

Or you could go the mathematical way around it, like do the math in your head and even out their points (in fractions). So if you have 4/5 points with LI 2, then that basically means you have 16/20 points. But this way, you need to be very specific in your script. So I’d go with the first way I described.

Hope it helps!:white_heart:

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The first idea you suggested was exactly what I thought about doing, it does sound like the easier, most convenient thing to do. Thank you! :two_hearts:

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