Help with directing coding?

Hello there… :slight_smile:
I have already strated writing my story . And it’s not the first one so I’m not very amateur . I’m just amateur now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I need help.

Who is trustworthy and available please say yes to this .:nerd_face::grinning::sparkles::star_struck::shushing_face::face_with_monocle:

Please consider it :thinking::thinking::roll_eyes::sunglasses::kissing_heart:

I’d love to answer any of your directing questions! :smile:

awesome :smiley: thanks for making me happy by replying :slight_smile:

Now how do we chat because I really need help?

Can we talk in hangouts?

My email is

Do you have Instagram? It’s easier for me to talk on here. :slight_smile:

wait a second

what is your instagram?


i added you lets chat :slight_smile: