Help with directing scene!

I have a scene in which this type of movie type directing is required. How?

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I have never done this before, but one idea that comes to my mind is uploading two black overlays [ or making a copy of an existing black overlay so you can make them two ] and spawning them on both sides: up and down so you can hide the rest of the scene and make a focus on the character’s look. Before placing the overlays you have to zoom in the character as much as you want and then to place these black overlays so you can cover the rest of the character’s surrounding.

There is also another possibility of creating a single overlay which has these two black pieces already and between these two pieces there has to be something like a space, which has no background. In that case the look of your character will be also shown and visible.

The overlay/s are going look pretty much as on your picture, but according to my first suggestion, you are going to need two overlays while on my second suggestion you can use a single overlay.

I’m not really sure If I explained it well. :sweat_smile:

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Basically, what you said. :ok_hand: There was probably also a slide of those two black overlays from top and bottom, but if not, they just used them to cover the rest of it (you can even use the EFFECT DIM 60 overlay from the portal). It can also be used with black overlays that give the illusion of the eye, so it would look like a shot from someone’s eye perspective. :wink:

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okay then, thank you both so much for the help! <3 <3 <3