Help with directing, spot

I need help for these 3 guys in the back. How to put them behind the characters ?

@CATHERINE spot 0.565 158 239 in zone 2 AND CATHERINE faces right AND CATHERINE is talk_neutral AND ASHLEY spot 0.565 204 240 in zone 2 AND ASHLEY faces left AND ASHLEY is talk_neutral AND MIA spot 0.565 230 240 in zone 2 AND MIA faces right AND MIA is listen_nod_happy_loop AND CHRIS spot 0.322 60 386 in zone 2 AND CHRIS faces right AND CHRIS is sip_cup_neutral_loop AND TAMARA spot 0.285 100 392 in zone 2 AND TAMARA faces left AND TAMARA is text_phone_neutral_loop AND GRACE spot 0.565 273 240 in zone 2 AND GRACE faces left AND GRACE is talk_handraised_happy_loop AND ANTONIO spot 0.310 229 386 in zone 2 AND ANTONIO faces left AND ANTONIO is sip_cup_neutral_loop AND ANDREO spot 0.310 248 386 in zone 2 AND ANDREO faces left AND ANDREO is talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop AND CARLO spot 0.310 201 386 in zone 2 AND CARLO faces right AND CARLO is talk_explain_neutral

What am I doing wrong ?

You need to use layers :point_down:

As we place characters at different depths on screen, it’s important to make sure that people in the background aren’t walking “on top of” people in the foreground. Layers are assigned to characters with very simple Donacode. There are two ways of directing a character to a certain layer.
Layer Syntax:
@CHARACTER spot % X Y in zone # at layer X
@CHARACTER moves to layer X
Layer 0 is closest to the background. The higher the layer number, the closer a character is to the foreground. So a character in layer 0 will be BEHIND a character in layer 1 (or 2, or 3, etc.).

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It’s working. Thank you so much! :hugs:

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np :blush:

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