Help with directing?

I just have a few questions I’m going to ask about scripting - I really want my story to be successful, it’s just that there are a lot of things I don’t understand (complicated things). I understand the basics, just not overlays (and some spot directing stuff)…

1st problem:
I’m trying to create a scene where someone is hiding in a closet. I’ll remove the speech so it doesn’t spoil anything yet. Here’s the script:


&MOTHER spot 1.280 113 0 AND MOTHER faces right
@EVELYN spot 0.720 185 83 AND EVELYN faces left

@transition fade in white 0.5

&MOTHER is laugh_chuckle
@EVELYN is laugh_crackup

@pause for a beat

sound door_creak
music music_danger

@pause for a beat

@MOTHER is react_shocked_gasp AND MOTHER faces left

@EVELYN is stepback_scared_loop
@EVELYN exits right AND EVELYN is run_cry_embarrassed_loop

@EVELYN spot 0.684 185 83 in zone 3 AND EVELYN is react_shocked_gasp
&cut to zone 3
@zoom on EVELYN to 350% in 1

@zoom reset
@EVELYN exits right
@cut to zone 1


sound door_slam

@transition fade out black 0.5
@transition fade out black 0.5
@transition fade out black 0.5
sound scream_female_warped

To be continued…

Okay, so. The blinds won’t show up on the screen.
When Evelyn exits, she becomes larger again (she’s meant to be a kid in this scene).
I’m not sure how to add overlays under the blinds overlay.
Can anyone help? Thanks :slight_smile:

Also! If I need help with anything else, I’ll comment it.

The blinds may be in a different zone or something, so maybe try positioning it in the zone you are working in, then properly position it after?

Don’t make Evelyn exit normally, if you want her to stay the same size. You would have to make her walk to a spot position off screen.

To add overlays under the blinds, use layers. I can help you with this, or anything else, if you want me too :blush:

Thanks! I want her to run to the spot offscreen, though - is there any way to do that? Also, what’s the scripting rule for adding an overlay onto a different layer?

Yeah, just make her run to a position that is offscreen. If you want to keep her size the same, keep the ‘scale number’ the same. To make her run somewhere offscreen, do this for example:
@EVELYN walks to spot 0.740 350 (this is the one you change to get offscreen) 50 AND EVELYN does it while running

Hope that made sense :sweat_smile: you can change the numbers to fit your scene

To layer them, you can do something like this:
@overlay OVERLAYNAME to layer 1

Hope this helps a bit more :slightly_smiling_face: maybe try looking at the guides too, for a better explanation

Ah, okay! Thank you. :smiley:

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oh and what’s the scripting rule for that?

For what? Sorry for the late reply


The lower the layer number, the further back it will be (if that makes sense). For example, anything in ‘layer 0’ will be behind anything in ‘layer 1’.

Here’s a guide from @brvnda that will explain it better:

This applies to characters and overlays. Hope it helps :blush:

ohhh! okay. do you know what the script layout would be?

The script lay out for what?

changing an overlay to a different layer. would it be:
@OVERLAY shifts to LAYER #

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Oookay! Thanks for the help.

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No problem :blush: if you need any more help, feel free to ask.

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