Help with directing


I am trying to have Aaliyah (the one whos whispering) walk like she’s scared to zone 3 and shes in zone 1 .How would I go about that? Any help is appreciated. Thank you. BTW this is the limelight version


Ink? Or LL?




What zone is she in?


Zone 1


&pan to zone 3
@AALIYAH walks to screen center in zone 3 AND AALIYAH does it while walk_scared_loop

since the behavior is a loop, you’ll have to cut it off as soon as she get to zone 3 by having her do another behavior


thank you!!


Happy to help :blue_heart:


one more question, i want one of my other characters to already appear in zone 3 before Aaliyah appears there and i want her to be eating a chocolate chip cookie, may you help me with that?


So to do this put:
@CHARACTER stands (position) in zone 3 AND CHARACTER is (animation)


i appreciateyour help <3


No Problem. :slight_smile:


doesn’t work :confused:


You have to write it like this

@KADISHA stands screen center in zone 3 AND KADISHA is eat_pizza_neutral

Try this.


it worked, but when i preview it, shes not eating it, it’s paused how can i surpass that


Try this:

@KADISHA stands screen center in zone 3 AND KADISHA starts eat_pizza_neutral




@KADISHA stands (position) in zone (number)

or if you want a particular part:

@KADISHA spot (number here) in zone (number)


thanks :slight_smile:


No problem.