Help with direvt

@cut to zone 3
@zoom reset

@CHARACTER faces right AND SHANA faces left

@overlay 5186667523932160_SEA WATER shifts to 208 -58 in zone 2
@overlay 5186667523932160_SEA WATER scales to 4.775 4.775
@overlay 5186667523932160_SEA WATER moves to layer 3

@overlay 5186667523932160_WATER 2 shifts to 295 -18 in zone 2
@overlay 5186667523932160_WATER 2 scales to 4.176 4.176
@overlay 5186667523932160_WATER 2 moves to layer 3

@SHANA spot 1.280 248 284 in zone 3 AND SHANA is idle_treadwater_neutral_loop AND CHARACTER spot 1.280 73 313 in zone 3 AND CHARACTER is idle_treadwater_neutral_loop
@SHANA moves to layer 1

@CHARACTER moves to layer 2

@SHANA is splash_treadwater_give_happy AND CHARACTER is splash_treadwater_receive_happy

@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.280 169 314 in zone 3 in 3

character wont go where i want

where do you want the character to go?

to the girl in the right but he stands in the left

Is the spot directing end location incorrect and making Character stand to the left of Shana?

If that’s the case, sometimes spot directing doesn’t work very well so you would have to guess and check different coordinates. That’s what I had to do with some overlays yesterday.

He’s walking from the sky to the where i spotted him, no matter how much I dragged him to where he’s supposed to be

So every time you spot direct character to where he is supposed to start from, he’s still ending up coming from the sky? Sometimes spot directing doesn’t work well especially if you’re previewing from your phone/tablet. Try changing the y coordinate to something lower by half and then using trial and error guessing until you get character where you want him.

ie) if your original code says

@CHARACTER spot 1.280 265 400
divide the 400 number by 2 to get 200 and change 400 to 200

This way he’s most likely going to be on screen and then you can tweek the spot even more by either increasing or decreasing the 200 until you get it right.

does that sort of makes sense?

It may also be because the ‘treading water’ animations put the characters a lot lower down. When they stand up normally, it looks like they are placed higher.

If they’re in the water you could just try:

@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.280 169 314 in zone 3 in 3 AND CHARACTER does it while idle_treadwater_neutral_loop

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it because of the animation you uset before.

So if you want the character to really walk to her you must spot him lower…find the spot after you see him in sky then drag him and find the right spot because he walks he is not swimming anymore

If you want him to still do the idle_treadwater_neutral_loop
than just write

@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.280 169 314 in zone 3 in 3 AND CHARACTER does it while idle_treadwater_neutral_loop THEN CHARACTER is idle_treadwater_neutral_loop

They placed correctly in the water but, I want him to walk towards the girl and flirt_liftchin_give_rear and girl is flirt_liftchin_recieve

sorry for late response @charlotte.episodes @Farah_DeSantis @Ozzy_the_author

some animations have different spotting than the standard standing.

This one is one of them .

If you want to walk him with standard walking animation do what I told you.

Replay it as you have it now.

When he ends up in the sky go to the preview and move him to the right spot you want him to be, copy the new coordinates and change them in the walking command line to this new one.

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it might be necessary to change also the starting spot. from which he walk…

If he will seem to not walk from the right spot find the right spot while he is making some normal standing animation and change his spot just before you walk him to the new spot - so both starting and ending spot will be new ad adequate to standing animations.

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SO when he’s inside a car there’s still a problem

@CHARACTER faces right

but he faces left @Farah_DeSantis

Do you use rear animation?

if you use rear animation you must face him the other direction.

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