Help with duplicate character!

How do I change a name of duplicate character to MC’s name, if I make a name input for MC? Is there a way to do that?

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maybe just change the display name to MC
if MC’s name is MC :smiling_face_with_tear:Okay, I am not good at explaining


Hi @Helen_Ox

When you go in character setting by your main character in story that you have choose to take part in story

there will be option that said

Script Name

Display Name

In character Display name box

1.Delete character name and then write in new name in and press save changes

there are two option you can write in box for readers to choose their character name


  2. NAME

when you choose which one you want . you have to put upper case letter not lower case

if you need any more detail please watch link below @Helen_Ox and even you can change name what you want your character to be name in story

if you trying to preview character coding script. you should go in episode app in creator to see it plays out . @Helen_Ox

watch this link @Helen_Ox for readers to put in their own name and choice they want character name to be in story

Hi, I made a directing tip on that a while ago. Here it is: Typed-in choices - Google Docs

The duplicate’s display name should be the same as the MC’s display name.

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